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If you have any photographs of the entries in this blog that are not illustrated, or better pictures of those that are, and you are willing to let us have your minimum-res 800 x 600 pics, please contact us. 
Adderley Street, Wolfberg Cracks
Adderley Street : Name sometimes given to the widest, easiest of the Wolfberg Cracks that can be hiked through without climbing; it is only faintly reminiscent of Adderley Street, the main street of the City of Cape Town ...
Af-en-Toe : “now and then” [Afr]; a holiday cottage on the Olifants River, owned by Arbeidsgenot Farm
Agter-Kruis Valley : “beyond the crossing valley” [Afr]; long valley of the Heks River, accessed from Algeria via path known as “Die Kruis” [“the crossing”] 

The Agter-Pakhuis, from the Pakhuis Pass
Agter-Pakhuis : “beyond the Pakhuis” [Afr]; region reached from Clanwilliam after crossing over the Pakhuis Pass
Agter-Tafelbergpad : “beyond the Tafelberg path” [Afr]; path behind the Cederberg Tafelberg that descends eastwards to the village of Langkloof 

The Agter-Warmhoek waterfall
Agter-Warmhoek : “the warm place beyond” [Afr]; named to distinguish it from Voor-Warmhoek, which means the “warm place in front”; valleys on either side of a nek between Grootkloof and Groot-Koupoort. Not to be confused with Warmhoek near Clanwilliam, the site for Living Landscape’s Rock Art Trail
Agterland : “the land beyond” [Afr]; a farm on the Olifants river a few kilometres north of Citrusdal
Agterstekop : “the hindmost hill” [Afr]; the last hill at the head of the Heuningvlei valley 
Agterstevlei, looking northwards
Agterstevlei : “the hindmost valley” [Afr]; tiny settlement over the hills west of Wupperthal
Agterstevleirivier : “river of the hindmost valley” [Afr]; stream running through above 

Akkedisberg Pass
Akkedisberg : “lizard mountain” [Afr]; hill near Bakkrans that resembles a lizard
Akkedisberg Pass : “lizard mountain pass” [Afr]; a pass over the above built by Arrie Beukes and others in the early 2000s
Alex se Platteklip : “Alex’s flat rock” [Afr]; a large flat rock west of Grysbokpunt, Middelberg, with a magnificent view down the Boskloof Valley; where Alex Basson took students to watch the sunset 

The Algeria campsite and drift over the Rondegat River; photo by David Fox
Algeria : Originally “Garskraal” (“barley corral” [Afr]), it was renamed in 1905 at the request of Forester George Ernst Bath of England who could not pronounce “Garskraal”. The Cape Government chose ‘Algeria’ because the first superintendent of Forests, Graaf M de Vasselot de Regne, who had visited the area in 1882, had said that the Cederberg reminded him of the Atlas Mountains in Algeria
Algeria Peak : peak south-east of the Algeria forest station, 1511m
Allandale : farm between Citrusdal and Elandskloof, south of the R303 

Alpha-Excelsior, photographed from the Pakhuis Pass
Alpha-Excelsior : farm and resort in the Agter-Pakhuis valley, also the home of the Pakhuys Country Winery
Alsfontein : “wormwood spring”, hence possibly “bitter spring” [Afr]; a long-abandoned farm and ruin in the Breekkrans valley, west of Vogelfontein

Amandelrivier : “almond river” [Afr]; a tributary of the Jan Dissels River, in upper Boskloof below Groot-Krakadouw. Named for the “bitter almond”, the fruit or drupe of the proteaceous shrub, Brabejum stellatifolium, which is not related to real almonds 
Ambraal se Vrou
Ambraal se Vrou : “Ambraal’s wife” [Afr]; a rock pillar near Heuningvlei resembling a standing woman. Who Ambraal was is not known 
Amon se Kerk
Amon se Kerk : “Amon’s church” [Afr]; a spire-shaped outcrop in Amon se Poort [vide]. Amon is an old Afrikaans reference to Satan
Amon se Kloof : “Amon’s ravine” [Afr]; a small ravine near Amon se Poort [vide]
Amon se Pad : “Amon’s path” [Afr]; path that leads to Amon se Poort, a part of the old wagon road near the summit of the Pakhuis Pass
Amon se Poort : “Amon’s pass” [Afr]; a ravine carrying the path between Pakhuis and Boskloof: also see “Duiwel se Kruis”. Amon is an old Afrikaans reference to Satan
Amon se Vlak : “Amon’s flats” [Afr]; the sandy flats traversed by Amon se Pad
Anvil Camp : A popular campsite in the lee of rocks, near The Anvil, on the western slopes of Skerpioensberg
Anyskloof : “aniseed ravine” [Afr]; named for a root, Annesorrhiza sp., or a buchu, anysboegoe (Agathosma capensis), both used to flavour food. A small ravine in the Olifants River Mountains, west of Petersfield, near Citrusdal 

Apex Cave: photo by Carina Hanekom
Apex Cave : A useful cave on Apex Peak, on the southern boundary of the Mountain Club property at Breekkrantz. 
The view to the south east from Apex Peak, looking over Suurvlakte to the Koue Bokkeveld Sneeukop, highest peak in the range (2070m); photo by Carina Hanekom
Apex Peak : Peak on the southern boundary of the Mountain Club property at Breekkrantz, 1627m; reason for the name unknown
Apollo Peak : Peak south of Disa Pool in the Kromrivier Valley, 1699m; reason for the name unknown
Appelkoospoort : “apricot pass” [Afr]; a small ravine between rock art sites 6 and 7 on the Sevilla Rock Art Trail; named for the [very poisonous] fruits of the gifappel plant (Solanum linnaeanum) which superficially resemble apricots, but also a play on the name of the late owner of Travellers’ Rest Farm, Koos Strauss
Arbeidsgenot : “joy in work” [Afr]; a farm on the Olifants River north of Citrusdal; growing there is what is reputed to be the oldest orange tree in the southern hemisphere (planted 1777)
Arch Peak : Peak due south of the Breekkrans Twins [see below], named for the proliferation of natural rock arches in the vicinity; 1563m 
Arrie’s Lookout on the Akkedisberg Pass; Arrie Beukes himself is on the left
Arrie’s Lookout : A lookout point on the Akkedisberg Pass [see above], named for the pass-builder, Arrie Beukes 
Arthur [left] and Martha in Krakadouwpoort
Arthur : One of two rock pillars in Krakadouwpoort; as you ascend from the Heuningvlei side the pillar ahead of you appears to mark the summit, until when you reach Martha you realise that it’s Arthur that you really want ...
Asjas se Grot : “good-for-nothing’s cave” [Afr]; the Afrikaans word “asjas” means “good-for-nothing”, “ne’er-do-well” or “nincompoop” and in this context may refer to a donkey; a cave north-west of Sneeukop; there has also been a suggestion that Asjas was a freed slave, but I am still waiting for more info about this
Asjas se Kloof : “good-for-nothing’s ravine” [Afr]; see above – Asjas se Grot is in the ravine.
Asjas se Land : “good-for-nothing’s land or field” [Afr]; see above. Situated on the Citadel plateau north of Kouberg
Augsburg Landbougimnasium : “Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium” [Afr]; an agricultural high school that in 1996 amalgamated with Clanwilliam High School. The 1 585 ha farm is outside Clanwilliam, in the shadow of Karookop. The farm was named by early German settlers after the Bavarian city of Augsburg, and predates the town of Clanwilliam by several decades

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