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If you have any photographs of the entries in this blog that are not illustrated, or better pictures of those that are, and you are willing to let us have your minimum-res 800 x 600 pics, please contact us.
Lambert’s Bay : An important fishing harbour also known for its huge gannet and penguin colony on Bird Island, it is the nearest sea coast to Clanwilliam and used by some residents there for summer recreation
The ruins at Lamskraal
Lamskraal : “lamb’s corral” [Afr]; the prominent ruined farm buildings east of the R364 just after it has descended the Klipfonteinrant and curved left at the first ‘Karookoppie’ along the road
Langberg : “long mountain” [Afr]; an 1857m peak south of Shadow Peak and north of Tafelberg
Lange Valley Dam : “long valley dam” [Afr]; a dam at Korhaanshoogte farm, on the N7 near Citrusdal
Langevallei : “long valley” [Afr]; a long valley south of Korhaanshoogte, west of the N7 near Citrusdal
Langfontein : “long spring” [Afr]; an abandoned and ruined farm on the west bank of the Clanwilliam Dam
Langhoog : “long rise” [Afr]; a long, slow ascent on the Clanwilliam-Algeria road, it is the same as Dirk Ligter se Hoog
Langhoog se Kloof : “long rise ravine” [Afr]; a small ravine south of the above
Some Langklofers enjoying the afternoon winter sun
Langkloof : “long ravine” [Afr]; 1. A long ravine that runs eastwards from north of Tafelberg, towards the Moordenaarsgat and which is traversed by the Agter-Tafelberg path; 2. a hamlet that is an outrider of the Wupperthal mission and which takes its name from the above, on the Eselbank road
Langkop [1219m] with Jamaka below, left
Langkop : “long peak” [Afr]; a 1219m peak above Jamaka on the eastern side; from there it does not appear particularly long, but does so when viewed from further north
Langkuilshoek : “long pool corner” [Afr]; a tiny settlement of only two houses, between Heuningvlei and Witwater
Langleegte : “long valley” [Afr]; a long shallow valley on the Clanwilliam side of Rietvlei se Hoog, on the Clanwilliam-Algeria road
Langrug : “long ridge” [Afr]; a long ridge north west of Warmhoekkop, between the Grootkloof and the Clanwilliam Boskloof
Laughenis : “laughter” [a colloquial, mixed English-Afrikaans construction]; a  resort at Kleinfontein in the Agter-Pakhuis
A close-up shot of a part of Laurie se Hel
Laurie se Hel : “Laurie’s hell” [Afr]; also commonly known by the English name “Laurie’s Hell”. This is an area between Sneeukop and Eselbank which is an extraordinary jumble of broken rock, enormous boulders and deep gullies; to stray into the area, especially before a fire when the vegetation is rank, is indeed a hellish experience. Laurie is unknown, but there are families with that surname in the area
Lavender Gardens : a garden in Clanwilliam that is seasonally open to the public
Lebanon Citrus : a farm and resort on the eastern bank of the Clanwilliam Dam, near Rondegat farm
The hills to the left of Leeufonteinkloof
Leeufonteinkloof : “lion’s spring ravine” [Afr]; a kloof near Lorraine in the Agter-Pakhuis; curiously, there is a rock painting of a lion nearby
The painting of a lion at Leeufontein
Leeustert : “lion tail” [Afr]; a cottage for hire on the banks of the Grootrivier, downstream from the main Mount Ceder complex
Leeuvlak : “lion flats” [Afr]; a flat plain traversed by the Karoobergpad, in the Matjies Rivier Nature Reserve
Leeuvlak se  Kloof : “lion flats ravine” [Afr]; a deep ravine leading southwards from the above, and carrying a tributary of the Matjiesrivier
Leeuvlak se Werf : “lion flats farmstead” [Afr]; a ruined farmstead on the northern edge of the above, just off the Karoobergpad
C. Louis Leipoldt's Grave
Leipoldt’s Grave   :    Grave of the famous poet, paediatrician, writer, botaniser, etc etc C. Louis Leipoldt; the son of one of the early Wupperthal missionaries, he asked to be buried here in sight of his beloved Pakhuis mountains, in particular the peaks Faith, Hope and Charity, which he had named
The Sanddrif Post Office at Leipoldt’s House:
Photo by Ken Howes-Howell, 1948
Leipoldt House : A house and accommodation facility at Sanddrif, the historic old farmhouse of Gertjie Leipoldt, who was a cousin of C. Louis Leipoldt; the house served for many years as a post office – the post was brought weekly from Wupperthal by donkey, over Gabriël’s Pass, and sorted here by Leipoldt for collection by the neighbouring farmers
A botanical group studying rooibos tea plants at the Rocklands site of the first tea plantings
Leipoldt/Nortier First Rooibos Tea Plantation : An area south of the Pakhuis Pass, near Leipoldt’s grave, where Leipoldt and Dr Nortier first experimented with the cultivation of rooib0s tea (Aspalathus linearis)
Rooibos tea: Aspalathus linearis
Leiwater Furrow : “irrigation-water + furrow” [Afr + Eng]; a furrow several miles long that was built in the early 1800s to carry water from a weir on the Jan Dissels River, to the houses and small holdings in the settlement of Jan Dissels Vlei, later known as Clanwilliam
Lekkerbekkie : “little gourmet” [Afr]; a tearoom at Wupperthal
Lêkop : “lie (down) hill” [Afr]; a 1093m hill south east of the hamlet of Witwater
Lelakloof : possibly “lily ravine” [Afr]; a ravine about 2km north of Grootkloof Farm, on the Algeria-Clanwilliam Road
Lemoenhoog : “orange heights” [Afr]; a small hillock that causes a sharp bend in the road between Heuningvlei and Witwater; near Langkuilshoek
Lentelus : “spring pleasure” [Afr]; a farm off the R303, about 5km from Citrusdal
Leopard Rock : a cottage for hire in the Ceder Rock reserve, at the site of an old farm named Voëlfontein [= ‘bird spring’]
Leopard Trail : a short trail up a ravine at Bakkrans reserve
Old Leopard trap: this one is in Luiperdskloof at Bakkrans
Leopard Trap : there are several old stone leopard traps scattered throughout the Cederberg; they are built of heavy stones with a steel shutter that dropped when the trap was sprung; there is a small hole at the back through which the trapped animal could be shot
Leucospermum reflexum: photographed at its type locality, Heuningvlei
Leucospermum reflexum : Not a place name, but included because Heuningvlei is the ‘type locality’ for these distinctive pincushion proteas – in other words, Heuningvlei is where they were first discovered to science
A mural at Living Landscape, Clanwilliam
Living Landscape Project : an education project initiated by the Dept of Archaeology at the University of Cape Town that focusses upon the rock art and archaeological heritage of the San and the Khoi in the area
The most noteworthy image at the Lodge site is this elephant with calf. The depiction of single elephants with either an accompanying calf or a human figure is a common theme in the local rock art
Lodge : a rock art site at Bushmans Kloof that is close to the Lodge, the building at the centre of the resort
Lodge View Dam : a dam at Bushmans Kloof with a view of the Lodge, see above
Lorraine : a farm and resort that is part of Traveller’s Rest, off the Klawer / Nardouw road, near Elizabethsfontein in the Agter-Pakhuis
Lorraine Cottages : as above, the cottages for hire
Lorraine Dam
Lorraine Dam : as above, the large farm dam behind Lorraine
Lorraines : a bouldering site in the ridge west of Lorraine farm
Loskop : “loose hill” [Afr]; a 1575m peak between Arch Peak and Hamerkop in the southern Cederberg
Lot’s Wife
Lot’s Wife : a rock formation resembling a woman in old-fashioned dress, close to the road and near Dwarsrivier Farm in the central Cederberg; it is made of sandstone and not salt, however
Lot’s Wife Mountain Bike Trail : an MTB trail on Dwarsrivier farm that takes its name from above
Louwsvlei : “Louw’s valley” [Afr]; a farm off the Klawer / Nardouw road, near Elizabethsfontein in the Agter-Pakhuis
Lover’s Cave : a shallow cave on the Mountain Trail at Bushmans Kloof
Lowenheim : a farm a few kilometres north of Citrusdal, off the old Clanwilliam Road
Lower Champside : a bouldering site near Kliphuis, off the Pakhuis Pass
Luiperdskloof : “leopard’s ravine” [Afr]; a short ravine at Bakkrans, that runs between the main complex and the Du Preez House
Luna Cracks: photo Rudolf Andrag
Luna Cracks : deep clefts on Luna Peak, a 1682m peak immediately south of Apollo Peak
One of the moon-like craters on Luna Peak: photo by Rudolf Andrag
Luna Peak : a 1682m peak immediately south of Apollo Peak, it is so called for the weathering-created ‘craters’ on its summit
Lyskamp : the name is not easy to translate from Afrikaans; it could mean, literally, ‘schedule camp’, but it could also be that ‘lys’ is a colloquial corruption of ‘luis’, which means ‘tick’; it is a worker’s house at Traveller’s Rest farm

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