Sunday, 28 July 2013

Place Names in the Cederberg

This blog aims to provide a comprehensive list of place names of the Cederberg area, with translations and, wherever possible, explanations and photographs. I am hoping to build this into something of a resource for Cederberg lovers as well as researchers. If you disagree with my interpretations, or have other ideas and names, please don’t hesitate to post your comments. Entries will be updated as new information comes to light.

The layout and general approach is similar to that in BEARD SHAVER’S BUSH: Place Names of the Western Cape by Ed Coombe and Peter Slingsby [Baardskeerder, 2000 [now sadly out of print]; the 1300+ names in this blog are from HIKE the CEDERBERG and do not cover as wide an area as our map CEDERBERG: the TOURING MAP .

Most letters of the alphabet have their own post below; some letters are doubled up to save space. Look at the Blog Archive on the right and click on the letter you need – this usually works better than simply scrolling down.

The list is now complete; however, we still need photos for many of the entries. If you are willing to let us use your pics [we only need 800 x 600 resolution] please contact us here .

All photos are copyright © to their authors; except where otherwise stated all photos are by Peter or Maggie Slingsby or Matthew Britton. 

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