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If you have any photographs of the entries in this blog that are not illustrated, or better pictures of those that are, and you are willing to let us have your minimum-res 800 x 600 pics, please contact us.
Taaiboschkraal : “tough bush corral” [Ned]; the first farm on the left in the Clanwilliam Boskloof, ascending the kloof from north to south
Taaiboskraal : “tough bush corral” [Afr]; a Rocklands bouldering site south of Soldaatskop, off the Pakhuis Pass
Taaiboskraalrivier : “tough bush corral river” [Afr]; a considerable tributary of the Jan Dissels River that runs down from Amon se Poort past Taaiboschkraal farm
Taaibosrug : “tough bush ridge” [Afr]; 1. a ridge in the Tra-Tra mountains that runs north-south, east of the Wupperthal road at Sandwerf; 2. a subsistence farm of the same name, situated on Taaibosrug
The iconic Tafelberg: photo by Graham Bellairs
Tafelberg : “table mountain” [Afr]; a generic name for many flat-topped mountains in South Africa, the most famous being Cape Town’s Table Mountain; the Cederberg Tafelberg is an 1969m iconic peak that, with its small companion, The Spout, is visible over an huge area, even from the distant Roggeveld beyond the Tanqua Karoo. An alternative local name for the peak, with its spout, is Ketelberg (= ‘kettle mountain’)
Tandekop : “teeth hill” [Afr]; a 644m hill in the Pakhuisberge, a few kilometres due north of Spitskop
Tandjiesberg, from the Kerskop Pass
Tandjiesberg : “little teeth mountain” [Afr]; and alternative name for the 1106m Citadel Kop or Sydekel, in the Tra-Tra Mountains; the single line of upstanding rocks on the peak resemble teeth
Tangela : a ruined and abandoned farm west of the N7 and north of Mon Desir; the origin is unknown, although Tangela is a Pokemon character whose face is obscured by blue vines (???)
Tant Dollie se Huis; photo from Hebron website
Tant Dollie se Huis : “Aunt Dollie’s house” [Afr]; a farm stall at Hebron, a resort west of the summit of the Piekenierskloof Pass
Tarakamma in springtime
Tarakamma : “bushy river” [Khoi]; the original and far older name of the Olifants River
Tea Lady : a bouldering site near Klein-Kliphuis farm, probably so-called because there is a tea room at the farm; in 2013 there was some controversy over the use of this site for bouldering – it is on private land
Teardrop Dam : a teardrop-shaped dam on the Bushmans Kloof reserve
Teekliphuis : “tea stone house” [Afr]; a farm north of Klipopmekaar, in the Pakhuisberge
Teekop : “tea hill” [Afr]; an 1133m peak north east of Langkop and west of The Dome
Tentstokkloof : “tent pole ravine” [Afr]; an intriguing name; the ravine through which runs the Suurvleirivier, between Zuurvlakte and Boffelshoek in the southern Cederberg
The Anvil
The Anvil : a very large rock pillar south of Skerpioensberg in Turret Ridge, which some imagine resembles an anvil
The Baths : a resort in the Olifants River mountains south of Citrusdal, famous for its hot springs, which have been in use since the earliest travellers passed that way. The first pass over those mountains into the Olifants River valley, the ‘Cardouw’ or ‘narrow pass’ [Khoi], was nearby
The Camel; photo by Ken Howes-Howell, 1952
The Camel : a 1422m peak east of Hondverbrand, in the southern Cederberg
The Dome from Five Ways View, with the Boskloof Pinnacle behind
The Dome : a 1326m peak north of Filander se Werf, in the central Cederberg;  in 1954 the 86-year old botanical collector and mountaineer T.P. Stokoe attended the MCSA’s Cederberg meet. “The club is climbing The Dome,” Stokoe wrote. “I’m not. It would be like combing a bald head. There is nothing but grass growing thereon.”
The Football Field : a high restioid flat on the western side of the summit of Apollo Peak
The Hump : a hillock of about 1390m south west of The Camel, see above
The Knobless Robot, in the Adderley Street crack
The Knobless Robot : a tall rock pillar much favoured by mountain climbers, which is situated in Adderley Street in the Wolfberg Cracks
The Maze : an area of extremely broken rock and huge boulders on the high eastern slopes of the Skerpioensberg, where, by repute, at least one forester disappeared, never to be seen again
View towards Kromrivier from The Pup; photo by Graham Bellairs
The Pup : a 1723m peak south east of Sneeuberg and resembling it in shape; it was formerly known as the ‘Sneeuwberg Pup’ and some still know it as ‘Klein-Sneeuberg’
The Snout : The south eastern point of The Pup is known as The Snout
The Spout; photo by Graham Bellairs
The Spout : a flat-topped, small, rocky massif immediately south of Tafelberg, said to resemble the spout of a teapot or kettle and hence also, with Tafelberg, known as Ketelberg
The Twins : see Twin Rocks below
Three Stones: don’t lose the path here!
Three Stones : a landmark on the short cut between Zimri se Pad and the Krakadouwpoort path, that marks to top of a zigzag descent (or ascent!)
Tielman Roos; photographer and (rather kind) cartoonist unknown
Tielman Roos se Kloof : “Tielman Roos’s ravine” [Afr]; a ravine south east of Algeria, between Tielman Roos se Kop and Algeria Peak. Why this man should be so honoured is unclear: Wikipedia [shortened] says: ‘Tielman Johannes de Villiers Roos (1879 – 28 March 1935) was a right wing South African politician and sometime Cabinet minister. With Daniel Fran├žois Malan he was a founding member of the National Party. Using as his personal slogan “workers of the world unite and fight for a white South Africa”, he was a regular speaker at a series of events in 1922 when white miners went back on strike over wage cuts and an increase in the allowed proportion of black workers. Roos would serve as Justice Minister from 1924 to 1929. In government he was a strong advocate of racial segregation. Roos later spent three years as a judge in the Supreme Court of Appeal.’ 
Tielman Roos se Kop : “Tielman Roos’s peak” [Afr]; a 1483m peak between Protea and Algeria Peaks in the central Cederberg; see above
Tierbank : “tiger (=leopard) bank” [Afr]; a small, stony ridge between the Katstertrivier and its tributary that runs parallel to it, a few hundred metres to its west; both south of Kleinvlei. Leopards have been incorrectly referred to as ‘tigers’ since the earliest days of Dutch settlement at the Cape – cf the Tygerberg hills near Cape Town, so called because the pattern of old termite mounds upon them give them a spotted appearance, like a leopard (and not striped, like a tiger!). See Cape Leopard Trust above
Tierhoek : “tiger (=leopard) corner” [Afr]; the valley or ravine behind Die Toring in the Clanwilliam Boskloof through which the Klip River runs, and where there are the ruins of an old subsistence farm of the same name
The gorgeous Tierhoek Falls
Tierhoek Falls : as above + falls; a refreshing waterfall on the Kliprivier, at Tierhoek
The Tierhok in Cederhoutkloof
Tierhok : “tiger (=leopard) trap” [Afr]; there are several of these throughout the Cederberg, the best-known being the one in Cederhoutkloof above Eikeboom; these are old traps built of heavy stones with steel drop-doors triggered when the animal entered the trap; a hole at the back of the trap allowed the animal to be shot without danger to the shooter
Tierhoksberg : “tiger (=leopard) trap mountain” [Afr]; a 1410m peak in the Grootberge, due east of Langkloof and west of Bakkrans
The Tierkloof gum tree near Kleinvlei
Tierkloof : “tiger (=leopard) ravine” [Afr]; almost a generic name for a ravine where (once?) a leopard was seen or encountered, there are several of these: 1. on the western slope of Tierhoksberg (see above); 2. west of Heuningvlei village; 3. running northwards from Kerskop, and ending at Sas se Kloof at the landmark gum tree there; 4. south west of Citrusdal, at Bergsoom farm; 5. running from Winterbach Peak north eastwards into the Kromrivier valley
Tolklip near Boontjieskloof
Tolklip : “top stone” [Afr]; north of the Boontjieskloof Hut, on the path towards Heuningvlei and due west of Brugkraal
Tom se Gat : “Tom’s hole” [Afr]; a pool in the Rondegat River just north of the Meidedrif, on Jamaka farm; Tom was a local forestry worker
Arctotis acaulis: the tonteldoek daisy
Tonteldoekkloof, seen from Uitskietdrif
Tonteldoekkloof : “marigold ravine” [Afr]; a tonteldoek is an indigenous daisy, either Arctotis acaulis or Arctotheca calendula. There are two ravines with this name in the area: 1. a small ravine that leads down to Uitskietdrif, on the Uitkyk-Dwarsrivier road; 2. a small ravine west of Suurvlakte Peak in the southern Cederberg, that carries a tributary of the Suurvleirivier
The Tool Tree near Grasvlei
Tool Tree : an oak tree near Grasvlei which is used by a local farmer as a useful storage space for his tools, which are hung on pegs around the circular trunk
Topdrift : “upper drift”; a farm south of the R303, between Allandale and the Elandskloof turn off
Toppie se Berg : “Toppie’s Mountain” [Afr]; a mountain with three peaklets of 834m, 875m and 906m north of the R303 and opposite Topdrift farm; it seems probable that Toppie and Top are the same name of an unknown person
The TraTra mountains north of Wupperthal, with Citadel Kop
Tra-Tra Mountains : “bushy-bushy” [Khoi] + mountains; the mountains north of Wupperthal, of which Citadel Kop (1106m) is the highest point, that take their name from the river, see below
The Tra-Tra River valley, looking north from Agterstevlei; the Tra-Tra Bridge is where the distant road dips into the valley
Tra-Tra River : as above + river; the river that arises at Klein-Koupoort and flows down past Brugkraal and Grasvlei, through Sas se Kloof to Wupperthal and onwards, eventually joining the Doring River
Tra-Tra Bridge : as above + river; the bridge over the Tra-Tra on the Grasvlei-Kleinvlei road
Tractor Gorge : a sheer-sided, shallow gorge at Bushmans Kloof through which runs the Boontjiesrivier, before it plunges down the Meidegat Falls and joins the Brandewyn; the gorge is so called because a brand-new, large and expensive tractor was left unattended on the rocky slabs above the gorge, whereupon it rolled down into the gorge and was completely wrecked; some of its remains still lie there
Traveller’s Rest : a large farm in the Agter-Pakhuis, it is a resort with cottages for hire at five different locations, famous for its Sevilla Rock Art Trail and well-known for its farm stall and restaurant 
Travellers’ Cave : a prominent cave on Bain’s Old Road between Kriedouwkrans and Rondegat farms referred to by Leipoldt as the ‘Travellers’ Cave’, but better known today as Swart Kliphuis
Travellers’ Rest Farm Stall : a farm stall and restaurant for light meals at Traveller’s Rest in the Agter-Pakhuis
A view down Trekkloof, to Keurbosfontein and beyond
Trekkloof : “trek ravine” or “pull ravine” [Afr]; a long ravine leading north from Matjiesrivier towards Wupperthal; the name probably refers to the use of sledges there in the old days, that had to be dragged or pulled up the stony slopes
Trekkloof se Hoog : “trek ravine’s heights” [Afr]; a short pass at the northern or upper end of Trekkloof
Rocks at Truitjieskraal; can the photographer please stand up? I have lost your name
Truitjieskraal : “Truitjie’s corral” [Afr]; ‘Truitjie’ is generally a shortening of ‘Katruin’, the Afrikaans equivalent of ‘Catherine’, but who Truitjie was we do not know. Truitjieskraal is a wonderland of fantastically weathered rocks and caves, known for its bouldering and ‘nursery’ climbing pitches, as well as several sites with rock art; however, it is most famously known for the discovery there of a mummified San baby, several thousand years old, buried in a hearth. The mummy mysteriously disappeared when a certain American archaeologist left the SA Museum and returned to the USA ...
Truitjieskraalberge: the view from the Stadsaal
Truitjieskraalberge : “Truitjie’s corral mountains” [Afr]; not really mountains, but the hills where Truitjieskraal is situated
Tuinskloof : “gardens ravine” [Afr]; 1. a farm south of the R303, a few kilometres north of Kunje in the southern Cederberg; 2. a ravine of the same name at the farm above; 3. a ravine through which runs a tributary of the Grootrivier, south west of Mount Ceder, and known for its interesting ruins as well as very impressive rock art
Climbing in Turret Ridge: photo by Graham Bellairs
Turret Ridge : a ridge south of Skerpioensberg and north of Van Zylsgatpoort, known for its plethora of rocky spires and turrets, the best known of which is The Anvil
TV-Kop : an 1104m hill at the eastern end of the Kromrivierrug and close to Kromrivier farm; so called because in the pre-satellite days a small TV-repeater was erected there to serve the farm
View from the Kromrivier Cave, in Tweedekloof
Tweedekloof : “second ravine” [Afr]; a small ravine below Murraysberg that runs northwards into the Kromrivier Valley; the Kromrivier Cave is situated in this ravine
Tweeklip, on the Rocklands Old Wagon Road
Tweeklip : “two rock” [Afr]; twin prominent rocks on a corner of the Old Wagon Road through Rocklands, just west of Amon se Poort
Tweeriviere : “two rivers” [Afr]; a farm between Riversong and Dankbaarheid, near Kunje in the southern Cederberg
Twin Falls : a double waterfall on the Perdekraal River, at Bushmans Kloof
Twin Rocks, from Grootlandsvlakte; Ken Howes-Howell’s pic is from 1941
Twin Rocks : two distinctive and similar rock spires on the southern side of the Sneeukop/South Peak complex, that are a landmark for many miles in all directions; also known as ‘The Twins’

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